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Matsuya Department Stores are located in Ginza and Asakusa, two of Tokyo's leading commercial districts.
Both are widely renowned for their tradition and history, yet vastly different in the ways they are unique.

Ginza is recognized as a premiere fashion district, not only in Japan but around the world.
Reflecting the area's reputation for sophisticated elegance, Matsuya Ginza is a specialty department store focused high-grade, high-quality product lines—those that appeal to the refined taste of its highly valued customers. This is reflected in its international merchandise zone, which offers such luxury brands as Louis Vuitton, Prada and Miu Miu.

Founded on the strong bond of trust it has built in this leading tourist destination, Matsuya Asakusa serves the needs of both local customers and visitors. The store's most popular feature— its food department on the basement and ground floors—showcases the best confectionery products this unique district has to offer, as well as the finest sweets from Tokyo.

Click the button below for the floor guides, list of shops, map and service hours for Matsuya Ginza and Matsuya Asakusa.


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